Sunday, September 10, 2006

it's the time of the season...

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but right around this time every year, i get this hardcore yearning to, what's the word for it? nest?

when the weather begins to change from summer to fall, and the later we go into fall, i desire only to stay home, clean things, decorate things, cook things, reorganize things, reinvent things, cuddle on the couch with coffee and a blanket and watch martha stewart and rachel ray.

i don't quite know what it is that sets this strangeness off in me. i love rain, so i's not as though i'm trying to get out of the weather. few things thrill me as much as the smell outside after rain. that's euphoria.

anyways, i can feel that nesting nudge sneaking up. the problem is, there just isn't any time to be at home right now...and probably not until mid november. so i find myself daydreaming about my kitchen and how much i wish i could be mopping or scrubbing or mixing ingredients for banana bread. things are SO busy at work, and the mister has been breaking records left and right at work, and has won us a trip to florida (which i'm totally excited about, can't complain. wait till i show you pictures of the place we're staying!). so, nomatter how hard i try, i can't just sit and home and play maid.

also, is anyone else addicted to QVC? they're doing this diamonique day (their line of fake diamond jewelry) for 25 hours, and i'll be honest, i've seen at least ten hours so far. i've only ordered one thing, which i'm TOTALLY excited about:

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that's right. 9.6 carats of fake diamond. i'm all about it. that thing is going to ROCK on my right hand. i can hardly wait.

i just love the hosts on QVC. i get all mesmirized and sucked in. i mean, i'm already a sucker for most things that involve spending money, but you give me a southern belle talking about how THIS ring is for the woman who's snobby about jewelry...this is for the woman who's not afraid to stand out....and you've got me for life. i don't know how i've made it this long without buying way more than that one fabulous ring, i mean, the one i got was under thirty smackers, and most of the stuff i'm salivating over is under fifty. i'm shocked at my own self-control. especially in the face of these:
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i'm basically a big fake diamond whore. which isn't the worst kind of whore to be, is it?


Sarah said...

I'm not sure I can be friends with anybody who daydreams about scrubbing and mopping their kitchen floor...

Also, have you seen Drooly drool drool.

Amanda said...

I am so on the same page it's not even funny - i've already started gathering mud and twigs

Breanna said...

i got so excited about the, i went straight over to paruse....turns out that stuff is PRICEY!! like hundreds of dollars, some thousands!!! it was definately drooltacular, but i'll stick with the AFFORDABLE fakes!

Sarah said...

Sorry I should have warned you there was a reason why I said it was drooly drool drool... :) I told Kevin though, I have NO SHAME if he ever wants to buy me fake diamond jewelry...I so don't care. I'd rather have fake diamond jewelry than flowers. :)

Rebecca said...

My mother has the addiction and I benefit from it. I have all kinds of fake diamonds and I love LOVE every last one of them. She's been talking about being more financially responsible which means my days are probably numbered.

Also, can I have the first two rings in the bottom set of pictures, please?