Monday, February 27, 2006

Stools are where once upon a time you'd find a chair. A chair's for fools, everybody wants stools...

45 miles

two hours

six various icky thrift stores

and i still haven't found a stool for my new office

(why a stool you ask? "Because it discourages people from chatting too long" says the new boss. hrmph.)

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rebecca marie said...

try tuesday morning at the milwaukie market place. just as random as the home section at ross, but better selection.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Am I missing something?

Is there something going on in that picture that I am supposed to understand?

I'm confused.

rebecca marie said...

they are a buncha stools

Paula said...

Heaven forbid you should chat with someone for a minute or two. Ugh. You can tell you new boss I said to just chill. (because, incase you had forgotten, I am the boss of everyone.) :)

Breanna said...


the title of the post and the picture in the post are from a FABULOUS movie called "waiting for guffman." i highly reccommend it, particularly given the man to whom you are married and his sense of humor. i think you'll like it.

rebecca marie said...

i highly recommend the christopher guest troop movies in the folowing order;


best in show
a mighty wind
waiting for guffman
this is spinal tap

if you watch them in this order, you are nice and warmed up for waiting for guffman. usually, you'd save the best for last, but in this case, i highly recommend going in the reverse order. if you start with a weaker movie, you may not be inclined to move on.

rebecca marie said...

p.s. i should add, if you've seen the princess bride, you know who christopher guest is. he was count ruegan, the six-fingered man. now look at the picture on breanna's post... he's the one in the middle.

tabitha jane said...

i will still come and i will still sit and i will still chat.