Friday, February 17, 2006

"learn how to smile again"

that's what the lady on tv is telling me to do.

so, randomly i've got the day off. quite thrilling really. i planned to sleep waaaaayyy in, but woke up at 9, which is NOT sleeping in for me. drats. now i'm curled up on the couch under a lovely blanket, watching ridiculous television and enjoying the fire place. There's crazy wind outside, knocking over our outdoor furniture. flashbacks to wizard of oz.

alright. so for those of you who are watching American Idol faithfully, let's start our discussions about who will/should make it to the top 10, and who should win. i'm mildly embarrassed to report that not only do i LOVE watching american idol, i have, for the last two seasons, created a bracket for the competitors. yes, A BRACKET, the kind boys do for sports. I haven't been able to convince anyone else to join in the idol brackets, but i'm quite sure it will catch on soon enough.

so here's how i see it. there is no one on this season that comes close to being as talented as PARIS. she is phenomenal. i love her. i'm voting for her all the way. I also adore taylor the grey haired guy. i think he's fabulous and incredibly entertaining. it's nice to see some real people on this season. if another blonde bopper wins this season, i'm going to do somethind drastic. i haven't even bothered to learn other people's names. there are others that i like, but who even cares when i've got Paris and Taylor.

thoughts? other favorites? am i the only blogger watching? speak up friends.

for those of you who don't love/watch american idol, here's a little something for you. go to this site and watch the video. it's some good friends of mine, and i think it's great. very "waiting for guffman/best in show/the office" i think you'll like it.

our voices count. voting starts this week

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LoriLoo310 said...

Awww, thanks for linking to me and trying to write comments. Blogger eats my comments all the time. It makes me want to slap something! BTW, what in the world is that picture on my link?

Tim Lewis said...

Taylor's my favorite.

Breanna said...

oh tim, i knew you had good taste. except for last season. i don't remember who you were rooting for, but i remember thinking, "what?! is this a joke?!"

welcome back to the real world :)

Lori: it's a picture of a stuffed monkey drinking guiness. it didn't shrink as well as i would've liked, but it's too good not to use!

rebecca marie said...

uhm, so... i watched a couple of the ones where all the suckie people sing. that's the only time american idol is worth watching, in my opinion.

at any rate, that guy on the bottom, the one who looks like jake gyllelhaal's not as attractive older brother is who i want to win. is that paris or taylor?

what's wrong with people and their androginous names!

punkindunkin said...

My favorites too!

If those two don't make it to the top 5, I'm never watching AI ever again!

Tim Lewis said...

While I don't think Paris is good enough to win the whole thing, she should get top 12. I could be proven wrong with a couple of good performances though.

Taylor is exciting, good, and different enough that he should be top 2 or 3 if not winning the whole thing. The judges say anyone can win, but I think there's only really 5 or 6 that stand out enough and that are good enough without being annoying. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Breanna said...

Taylor blew my mind last night. he is, BY FAR, the most sincere, genuine talent that american idol has ever seen (and you all know that's a big deal compliment coming from a clay aiken lover!) he is so unique and such a class act. he's the kind of star that will last far beyond one token album...could be the james taylor of our generation...i seriously mean that.

i actually voted for taylor 239 times last night. i couldn't help it. i'm musically in love with him.

Tim Lewis said...

Taylor Hicks demo

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Go ahead. Download them. You know you want to.