Tuesday, January 24, 2006

tea and sympathy

i have quite a story to share. but i only get about three minutes in between fits of violent coughing. so i'm saving the story and giving some short quips. sorry i've been gone so long...the four of you that occassionally read my blog must be devastated :)

when american idol started again last week, i felt complete. not like, "oh, this is nice." like, "stella-got-her-groove-back/you-had-me-at-hello/i'm-just-a-girl-standing-in-front-of-a-boy-asking-him-to-love-her" complete.

two weeks ago my boss resigned, and it felt like my work parents were getting divorced...like "oh no! what if mom starts dating again and i don't like the new guy and he comes in and lays down a bunch of rules that dad would never have made?!?! what if we lose all our privelages?!?!" like that. has this happened to anyone else?

anybody seen The Fantastiks? i did that show in high school and last week my best friend got me tickets to see it at portland center stage (who i used to work for) and it was AWESOME. seriously....next to Les Mis it's the best musical of all time. ALL TIME

i'm finally going to do it. two applications will be sent off in the near future: grad school and a demo cd for this national singing competition (NOT A.I). can't live the rest of my life wondering

i'm getting a new car this summer. i'm really thinking about a jetta. anybody have a better idea or any reasons why a jetta isn't as great as i think it is?

being sick for so long has given me the chanceto learn a lot about daytime television. i've decided that, should the oppotunity arise, i will gladly accept the offer to have my own NON crappy television show. i haven't decided if it would be a talk show or a game show or a sit com, but it wouldn't suck, and that's the important part.

i hate the word gyrate. not like i hate the P word, but hate just the same

i miss my long hair

have i told you about my addiction to q-tips? the story goes like this. in third grade i rode the bus with a chick named sonnet. she NEVER used a q-tip in her life. i PROMISE. and it was gross. so one day i put some q-tips in a ziplock and snuck them into her backpack. since then i q at least twice a day. i'm pretty sure it's not safe. and the more i type, the more i feel like i've told you this before. oh well. i'm not deleting it. oh, and in 10th grade i did the same thing to this girl with a tube of aquafresh.

i have no appetite. i haven't eaten real food in nearly 6 days...just about a cup of applesauce everyday is all i can handle. but for some reason, i'm completely addicted to the food network right now...watching chefs make these fabulous meals while i sip gatorade to prevent dehydration...last night rachel ray made the most delicious looking pasta dish that i couldn't even eat my daily dose of applesauce. damn you rachel ray and your brocolettini.

alright...the cough syrup is wearing off. you know what that means. but our computer is finally working again at home, so at least i have something to do now. PLEASE EVERYONE...TAKE SOME ECCINACEA...I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH TO LET ANY OF YOU GET THIS FREAKIN' SICK!


Scrapping Dani said...

Breanna just eat your darlin' clemintine's. Vitamin C is all you need. Sorry you are sick.

James Wood said...

Dude, I'm glad you're still around the blog-o-verse-o-sphere-o-munity.

If Le Mis' is the best musical ever, then all musicals are super crappy (sorry - I just hate the music, it's too boring).

You should get a diesel VW. Your gas mileage would be like a'finity miles per gallon.

Get better.

Paula said...

Hi, friend! Sorry you're sick! We moved our offices to our Childcare center, so I've been getting all the little kiddos germs and haven't been healthy for quite awhile. Yuck! We did the Fantastiks in high school, too. It is a great, great show! Also... that thing about your boss? I felt exactly like that when Stephen left. I only lasted 6 months there without him. But I love, love LOVE my new job! I will pray that it all works out fabulously. Love you!

Charlotte said...

Oh friend, I'm so sorry you're sick. You know you gotta get better by Friday right?
I looked at Jetta's when I was buying my car. I ended up w/ a Saturn. Mainly because it was bigger, had a better warranty and was cheaper. But, if just depends on what you're looking for. You can test drive my car if you wanted though.
I too am addicted to Q-tips. If I don't use one every day I swear that I can't hear as well. There's also just an odd pleasure in using one and seeing how far you can stick it in.
I hate the word gyrate as well as a number of g-words including girth, gorge and gargle.
Get better soon!

Breanna said...

paula- that's exactly what i said! i was telling sponi-f about the situation, and i said "i think the only person who can understand how awful it is to lose a great boss is paula" because mostly it seems so silly to be this devastated by something like that...but all of my coworkers feel the same way, so i'm not alone.

charlotte...no fear, there will be beer!! i'm looking forward to friday! and i would totally like to test drive your car (but not friday night) and see how it drives. thanks for the offer.

and you are all so sweet for your well wishes...but mostly i just wish that i could pretend i wasn't sick, just ignore it all together and hope it will get the hint and go away!

being sick has given me time to catch up on some great blogs though, so that's nice...BSC never lets me down!

Tim Lewis said...

I have to admit, I'm glad AI is back. Am I bad for laughing at the bad singers, or even worse, the people that don't know they're bad? It makes me feel better about myself and all my friends who are way better than some of the people they let "go to Hollywood" (if you 've actually been to Hollywood...it's dirty, full of crime and fake people).

I hope the demo CD works out for you.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I am so sorry that you don't feel well, Friend.

I wish that I had a very amusing anicdote to make you feel better. All I have to offer is a story about one of my older residents. She is a sweet old lady that has lived in these apartments for 33 years. She came by to visit me the other day and she started talking about all the leaves on the ground and she wanted to know when the lawn care people would be coming by to "munch" the leaves. I had quite a picture in my head of all of these gardeners out there grazing and chewing up the leaves like cows. I kept trying to tell her that I had scheduled a time for them to come "mulch" the leaves but she didn't get the hint and kept saying munch.

I love you! Feel better!

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

By the way- thanks for calling me nice names! And maybe it is all of the doorknob licking that has gotten you sick but I SERIOUSLY appreciate the effort to call dibs on your neighbor's house.

BSC said...

I once wiped my arss with my dad's girlfriend's and son's toothbrushes.

It was awesome.

Breanna said...

BSC- are you suggesting that i do that to the new boss if he's not up to par? cause that's hilarious. icky, but damn hilarious

Paula said...

It's not silly. A great boss is a rare find, and you will have to go through a bit of mourning. I cried a lot of tears over Stephen leaving. The cool thing is that we still talk (well, we email, which I say counts as talking) and still give each other a hard time. Looking back, I can see what God was doing. I was so loyal to Stephen that if he had stayed, I would have, too, and I would not currently be married to the most wonderful man in the whole entire universe. My advice for what it's worth: Give it a few months, and then look around and try to see where God is leading. You might just be amazed.

tabitha jane said...

and if you get a jetta that runs on diesel, you can run it on bio-diesel and help save the planet!

we need to spend more time together! you haven't told me about grad school and the demo tape!! c'mon girl! share your life with me!!

hope you feel better, will we be seeing you tonight?

rebecca marie said...

i hadn't heard about the demo or grad school either. i'm trying to pretend that i don't care.

PapaPeters said...

Ummm can I say how happy I am that you are making a demo tape. really I have been lucky to be around lots of amazing singers in my life(u, maxwell , drew, and well my mom of course hahha plus many more). Now that I am in the heart of talentless singers sorry southerners I miss it. I also think you are beter than at least 95% of the sapps that do well on A.I. Um Jetta, well I have to tell you my honest opinion, is they are a cofortable but over-priced car with little to be gained by buying new. i recomend you get a gently used one if you do go jetta. Or consider a Honda civic they are interesting looking but perform at the top of their class in gas milage and safety every year. Then of course I lived in mine so I'm kinda attached, to the brand.

Tim Lewis said...

If you must get a Jetta, go to Freeman Motor Co. That's where you'll find the best price.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Are you feeling any better?

Breanna said...

yes thank you...i am feeling better! simply being able to stand and breath makes me feel like i can FLY!

thanks for asking :)

Nytro said...

i think i got your illness... i'm blaming your site. it's a new kind of virus that can be passed via the computer.

thank. you. very. much.

Pher said...

I'm sorry you're sick as are your other friends. I can say LOTS of water, LOTS of sleep, stay away from the radioactive TV device...especially during the day. Read, sleep, read, sleeeeep....your health will be better....My older sister was the lead in Fantastiks on Broadway in NYC once upon a time. I'm happy for you that you got to experience that!