Wednesday, November 30, 2005


it's official folks. i hit the big time.

last night, as i was approaching target to do some retail therapy, my best friend and i were approached by an overly-makeuped lady with a microphone, followed by a guy holding a massive camera with a blinding light. i knew immediately what was going on. i said, "please let them ask me about something i know a lot about, so i can sound really smart..."

i always thought i'd get my 15 minutes for some fantastic achievement, a book i'd written, some charity work and whathaveyou. instead...i got my big break because i love to shop. i knew that my 4 weekly visits to target would pay off sometime.
about 100 iPods were stolen. fox 12 news was doing a story on how to check if you're buying stolen goods online. so they asked me, what do YOU do to make sure you're not buying stolen things?
and my reply?
"i've NEVER thought of that...." like a complete and TOTAL idiot.
here I am, college degree, a professional, well-respected in my field (insomuch as is possible at this point), highly intelligent and very gifted young adult. and i basically said
"oh my gosh! like, people would totally like, sell STOLEN stuff? like who would EVER do that?! uh."
my best friend brandon, by the way, was poised, collected and sounded rather smart. this kid's failing every class in college, mind you (and not cause he's stupid, but for lack of trying).
so after all the interviewing is over, we proceed to target, all giggly that we might be stars of the silver screen tonight.
and of course, today i wore grumpy clothes and i-don't-care-hair. so i figure, hey, just cause they interviewed us, doesn't mean we'll make the final cut. we saw them interviewing several other people too.
10 o'clock news time. the stolen iPod story is one of the main stories being previewed. the time comes and who's face should blow up on the screen....yours truly, who else?
and they play FORTY FIVE seconds of me saying "well, on Ebay you can read seller feedback...i think that might help avoid buying stolen stuff." and so on...then they play maybe 4 words from brandon, something like, "i prefere going to the store." and that's that.
and you know how the "camera adds 10?" well it does...and ALLLL of it in my CHEEKS. what a horrid angle.
but we hooped and hoorayed nonetheless. and recorded it. cheesy, i know.
then brandon says, "we should go out know people would TOTALLY buy us drinks and that we're local celebrities."
here's the link to the story, with the video clip. i didn't know it was going to be online too...sure enough, there's my name...

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rebecca marie said...

but more important than you being on the news, fatty, can i get a good deal on one of these stolen ipods?

Bill said...

I knew it!

We saw the story on the news last night, and I asked Kathy if that was you. I've never met you in person, I've just seen your pictures here, but I know Kathy met you when she went to movie night at RM's house with you, RM, Tabitha, and Danielle.

Kathy said something like "No, I don't think that was her, it didn't really look like her."

tabitha jane said...

wish i would have been watching the news last night! i would have be excited to see you on screen! will i ever have another chance? you should go hang around wherever there are news teams and make it your goal in life to be interviewed on tv as many times as possible. you could get in a world record book or something!!

oh and girl . . . you might want to edit the last sentace of your post . . . :)

tabitha jane said...

you looked fine on that video. but you were right, brandon's stash looks horrid!!

BRANDON! if you are reading this SHAVE YOUR UPPER LIP!!!

Breanna said...

CHEERS to rebeccamarie for capturing the images from the newscast! hooray!

I shall go down in the history books...."breanna newbill...shopper"

PapaPeters said...

Yes its such a fitting title for you as well.

Scrapping Dani said...

I didn't catch the Fox news last night. Bummer I would have totally recognized you Breanna. That is awesome. Seeing the clip online was just as cool. I was on the new once when I worked at Baskin Robins in California. The store was robbed amd I was in there just buying ice cream.

Ghost Dog said...

That's pretty cool. I thought you looked and sounded fine.

My "15 minutes" was a PSA for seat belts back home in VT when I was a teenager. I think it ran on local TV for maybe a week.

BSC said...

They were talking about your poignant comments all the way here in SLC today. Good jorb!

Breanna said...

BSC i have to know what you're talking about?!