Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grab some coffee and stay awhile

Hi, my name is Breanna, and I'm a reality-television-aholic.

It all started as a simple way to pass the time. I'd catch one, maybe two shows a week. Then, as it became more socially acceptable, i found myself catching bits here and there, checking out new versions of it when my friend's said they'd tried it. i couldn't get enough of it.

then i got really hooked on a couple different versions of it. it was all downhill from there.

now, I have it written into my day planner. I hide it from friends (like, who of you knows that in addition to all the obvoius shows i watch, i also tune in to Laguna Beach, Rock Star INXS, Rock School, High School Reunion and I Want to Be a Hilton). I joined chat groups for my favorite shows. I sent emails, signed petitions and paid stupid amounts of money to vote by text message.

and the worst part.

i don't regret it. i don't have any desire to be cured.

i just thought it was time to get it out in the open.

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Tee said...

you MUST be watching Battle of the Network Reality Stars, correct?!

PapaPeters said...

Hmm well I just want to say you are funny, this really should be on your last post but I read them all and wrote my response here. Your so funny when you laugh you laugh with your whole self and I never remember being happy at someone being happy like when I am happy because your happy. And on top of that reality T.V. is the 2000's Soap Operas. You notice they always pick freaks and cast them. It's like days of our lives. When I was growing up I used to wonder if their was any one actually like the people on soaps and to my alwful surprise there is.

emilykaypeters said...

I do enjoy watching some reality t.v. shows myself.... but the thing is, that's what everyone is doing now. Yeah, Yeah I know it's the age of "reality t.v." but no one has come up with an "Original" idea yet that has caught my attention. Allthough, I have heard that Laguna Beach is pretty interesting. But, I just can't see myself watching high schoolers. It makes me reminise about all the people that we just like them and I really disliked that "crow" of people.. Mayby I'm just jealous. WHo knows???

Nutz On A Roll said...

Hey have you check out Tommy Lee goes to College!?! LoL pretty entertaining.

Nice blog by the way!

Charlotte said...

Oh Breanna, my kindred spirit. I too LOVE reality television. It is quite often I get hooked into the latest Surreal Life or Laguna Beach Marathon for an entire Saturday. I don't know what it is inside me that is so fed by this type of entertainment. I'll even watch the latest episode three times. Gotta love the rotation on MTV and VH1.
And I'm not even embarrassed to say that my most beloved shows over the last months have been Beauty and the Geek and Dancing w/ the Stars. I hope one day to be in my own reality show, though I don't know what it would be about. Did you hear that Portland may be the new site for the Real World come January?

rebecca marie said...

i do love me some tommy lee goes to college.

i recently happened upon the best thing to happen to reality television.

growing up gotti.

oh. my. word. for a dago girl who has maffia connections in her family, this show is the best thing ever.

Shanna said...

It is funny you should post this when you did. I have spent ALL day discussing my addiction to reality television. I stayed up late to watch RockStarINXS, and am so overly tired today, I can barely keep my eyes open. And... don't get me started on Tommy Lee goes to College. Oh my.. I am hooked on that now too.. and just think Survivor starts in a couple of weeks too. How will I ever keep up???

tabitha jane said...

wow . . . this is amazing. that's cool that the next real world might be in p-town. i'd watch it if i had cable (or if someone had a party). i remember watching real world paris and las vegas when i was in germany. i got to read the subtitles though . . . i have said it before and will say it again, i LOVED till death do us part with beautiful dave and carmen . . . now THAT's reality tv. carmen is soooo much more in-touch than jessica simpson!

Breanna said...

Tommy Lee goes to college=awesome
Dancing w/the stars=not quite awesome
Beauty and the Geek=sooooo awesome

also-Ryan lee peters: you are the very best at compliments of anyone i know! what a lucky girl Emily is!

James Wood said...

This is weird, today at work we were all talking about reality TV too . . . we were saying that we can't wait until it dies. Sorry, I just am done with it. I had fun, I watched some Survivor and a little American Idol, but c'mon people - enough is enough.

Sorry, you can like what you like and I don't have to like it too. We can still be friends (right?).

Sherri said...

I'm addicted to the Apprentice. I LOVE IT! I guess I secretly want to be a corporate power player myself.

Tim Lewis said...

I'm convinced there is no such thing as reality TV, because if it truly was reality, no one would watch it.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I like game shows and those are half unscripted (the host obviously has some sort of script). Other than that, I want well scripted, well rehearsed sitcom TV!!!!! At least they try to pretend to be like normal people but reality starts go WAY out of their way to be anything but a "real" person.