Monday, July 28, 2008

hey there, general public...

i had this super awesome idea about how you should take your two small children and cross in the middle of a busy street. cause that's a smart thing to do.

and, while you're at it, how about if you smoke while you're driving with your sweet, innocent children in the car with the windows mostly up.

then, what the heck, go ahead and fill your baby's bottle with orange cola.

have i mentioned the part where i just loooove people?

one the plus side, here's a photo i took of my sweet girl today (who, by the way, has never been yanked across the freeway or smoked out in my car or suckled on fanta)



Jess said...

PRECIOUS! I love the picture! Seriously though, I think I wrote a blog once on the fact that I think parents who smoke in the car with their innocent little children should be pulled over and ticketed just like they would if they were driving with a baby out of it's car seat!

LoriLoo310 said...

She is so pretty! Some of the things parents do totally disgust me. How are these people allowed to procreate?

breanna said...

thanks girls! i'm definately her biggest fan!

sometimes adam carolla suggests various ways to prevent irresponsible procreating...and i'm starting to think he's on to something!

Roni said...


If you put orange soda into that child I will KILL YOU. :~P


tabitha jane said...

look at those teeth!