Friday, June 13, 2008

ch ch ch changes

someone, tell me when i'll find my new normal. someone tell me there IS a normal to be found? why is this identity crisis lingering for so long? why does having a baby and (mostly) leaving the workforce completely change my understanding of myself? why do i perceive that other people feel sorry for me, like they think my life has come to a sudden halt from awesomeness and into a slurry of poo and onesies? because, i mean, the poo and onesies part is true...but is the "old" me gone for good? and why do i feel like i need to apologize for "new" me...for needing to plan around bedtimes and be overly aware of sickness sneaking its way into my house?

i'm acutely terrified of being that new mom who only ever talks about the baby...who seems to exist solely for the baby. except that i think i'm nearly HER. but i've realized, at least in my's not because i'm super obsessed with her (don't get me wrong, i am, just not like know, the obsessed that takes great joy in diaper counts and teething symptoms), it's because that's just all there is to my life lately.

let me clarify. it's because, my entire day, and night, and thinking, and all our money is about HER. and it should be. we're intentional about that...i'm choosing to stay home with her. but that's where my time goes. so when people are talking about bosses and coworkers and the new place they tried for lunch, or where they're going for the long weekend...all i HAVE is "she's standing up now!" because it's all i do.

i try REALLY hard to have other things to say. i try to read websites that will give me things to say, important and interesting things. but it's HARD and i find myself horrified that i'm completely boring now. this is not something i'm used to.

so, parents, when does the new normal find its way into my life? when do i get a new sense of self that i feel okay about? and what do i do to speed things up? how do i get acquainted with me?


LoriLoo310 said...

First, you have to accept the fact that it's OK for you to be obsessed with onesies and poop.

Next, try to surround yourself with other moms who know what you're going through. Join a play group, attend mommy and me classes, go to The Little Gym. It's nice to have support of other moms when you have the kids with you, and also nice to have moms' night out when they're not.

As for your friends who don't have kids and don't get it? Just consider yourself enlightened to the woes and wonders of parenthood. They're the ones missing out, not you.

Call me if you want to talk or need the support of another mommy!

Rachel said...

I felt like that too. When I stopped working to stay home, I didn't know any other stay at home moms. All the other women in my office had returned to work after having a baby. I felt like the only mom in my city who stayed home.

What helped me was joining a Bible study during the day time with other moms. Then I didn't feel so different. Another part was just accepting being in the background for a bit, while my extended family loved on the baby. I also tried to read articles that would encourage me about the significance of staying home, such as this woman's opinion.

I know it is not glamourous to take care of a baby, but there is really nothing more important. And the very things that can make it seem unimportant, like the endless changing of diapers, are what marks your precious commitment to raising that child in the most loving way possible. Lunches are over in an hour, but what you are doing has an eternal impact, and that's really what we're all looking for.

the calm before the stork said...

All I can say is, me too.