Monday, February 18, 2008

political aspirations and such

well, i took what i believe to be the first step in discovering my political self. adam carolla (shocker) was talking about a quiz on that would tell you which presidential candidate best matched your views. so i took it. you can too. go here:

so, since i'm new to this whole political world, am i not supposed to share my results? don't people super-shy away from discussing these things very much?

i'll throw caution to the wind. every single one of my matches was a democrat. and my number one match was barak obama. i think that's nice. not like i'm going to vote solely based on the results of this quiz.

in other news:
i just got these DELICIOUS vera wang shoes. don't be too impressed. they're from her line for kohls, and they were 75% off. but still. they were SCREAMING my name! this picture does NOT do them justice.

also. i've concluded that i HATE these dead celebrity duets thing that seems to be more and more popular these days. seriously. it's creepy and lame and not at all awesome. i saw the one from the grammys, the one on american idol that one time with celine and elvis, elvis with lisa marie....gag. the only time i've ever even a little liked it was way back when natalie cole did one with nat king cole. because that was kinda beautiful. but it needs to stop.


and finally, a cute baby picture. couldn't resist.

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Rebecca said...

To make you feel better, I went and took the quiz. I, too, came up with Barack Obama. I feel great about it.

(second for me was John Edwards followed in third place was Chris Dodd)

Based on who is still in the running, not this quiz, I pray that Obama gets the Democratic ticket and then I will be voting for him!