Monday, March 19, 2007

my new career aspirations

i'm pretty sure celebrity gossip blogging is about the single greatest gig ever. if i could choose a new job right now (and i think about this constantly) i think the celeblog is the way to go. i mean, i can be snarky and feisty and witty and use fun fonts and daily contests (anyone remember the hit "what's in the brown bag?!?!"). i can come up with new paris hilton jabs and jokes about tom and katie. i could TOTALLY rock it as a celeblogger (a term i'm pretty sure i made up all by myself. like blogmunity. other people claim that...but i'm sure it was me that typed it first.)

the thing is, i can't figure out how it works. how on earth did this guy get famous enough to be let in to EVERY celebrity party and award show? where does this fabulous site get all the dirt?

and more importantly, how are they making a living from it? where does the money come from?

i've been thinking about this a lot...and i've figured out how to get my foot in this very valuable door. here's my plan:

if everyone i know becomes super famous, and gives me the express rights to all their deep dark secrets. then i'll just post them on the internet for all to see. about two months after that, i'll start getting calls from the adam carolla radio show, good morning america and total request live. not too long after that i'll branch out and start my own interactive celebrity gossip magazine/blog/1-900 number. it shouldn't take too long before i get my own talk show, couture shoe line for target and people tattoo my face/name on their various parts when drunk.

as you can see, it's a failproof plan.

so, i've done my part. now you....go get famous.
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and until are some of my favorite celeblogs: (and don't say i didn't give you a heads up about grownup content/language)

have fun little bunnies.


BSC said...

You could do Portland celebrities.

The guy from Everclear is recognized by someone!

Sam Elliot does voiceover!

Joey Harrington hired at area Starbucks!

tabitha jane said...

don't forget pink is the new blog it's lit-rally fabulous.