Thursday, December 28, 2006

just checking in-

hey dudes and dudettes. how were your holidays? was santa good to you? did you have great pie?

we had a pretty nice holiday at the mister's folks place up in washington. they've got the "great cooking" genes. and the "eat a lot of great cooking and stay great looking" genes. i don't really have either of those.

i'm enjoying a few more days off before i return to work. i like not working. i like it a lot. not that the laundry gets done any more quickly, i'm not the type to take full advantage of rare free time by getting a long list of to-do's done. i prefer to sleep. and catch up on tv. and shop. ooooooooh the shopping.

anyway. it's nearly 2007. i've never had any consistent new years eve traditions. new years eve generally ends up being a flop, either because i've tried too hard to make it fabulous, or i've not tried at all, thinking fabulous will happen all on it's own.

so i'm looking for ideas. QUICK. you've got three days. gimme something good.

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