Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm the Wanderer

thousands of miles and dozens of ridiculous experiences later...and Dorothy had it right

there's no place like home.

there's no place like my own cozy, clean bed.

there's no place like on the couch next to my own, fabulous husband.

there's no place like rebeccamarie's house, where i feel about as safe and loved as is humanly possible.

there's no place like my office...un-airconditioned and tiny.

there's no place like my local coffee shop, grocery store and sushi place. even though no one knows me by name.

and there's no place like my blogmunity...where people i respect talk about things that make me laugh and make me think.

oh how i have missed my home. it's good to be back.

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Paula said...

Welcome back! Where did you go? I'm sorry we didn't get to see you when we were in town last weekend!

Rebecca said...

Where did you even go?

Also, welcome back. I won't see you for a week or two. I am going to Paula's for a few days this weekend and then maybe I'll see you at church next week (well, I will probably see you thursday, tomorrow, in the park).

LoriLoo310 said...

Welcome back (from wherever you went)!

I'm assuming you've heard that BSC and I will be in Portland Sept 13-17th. Fun times shall be had by all!

Breanna said...

i went to visit family in california for a week sans the mister...then straight to his family's place in spokane.

i was sad to miss the big reunion. i heard it was incredible.

and lori- i DID hear that you'll be gracing our lovely state and i couldn't be more excited! we'll certainly have to take full advantage of your time here! can't wait!

Rebecca said...

well welcome back from your travels. do you need a vacation from your vacation? I'm excited to actually have time in town without having to be anywhere. I've not done this before.

Breanna said...

rebecca, if you're insinuating an offer to grace me with your presence, then YES PLEASE! i'm always excited to see you. but i heard you're going out of town for the weekend? holla back when you get home!

Anna said...

Loved your blog, too funny! I love humorous blogs!!

tabitha jane said...

where were you?